feeling of time slipping through your fingers as your tiny baby grows and changes with each passing day.  I am your storyteller. I am here to capture the story of your newborn miracle, your adorable baby, and your cheeky toddler.  As a professional photographer and master of digital artistry, my dream is to create bespoke wall art of your family through my custom photography sessions.
I have loved photography for as long as I can remember.  I was the kid who was always so excited about photo day at school and who took a little disposable film camera on every school trip.  I was always so inspired my the people around me and capturing their portraits was my favourite pastime.  In my university days, I even used a film camera - and I have albums full of the photos I took during these years!  Having albums of printed photos to look back on is an absolute delight and it is with this nostalgia that I am driven to get photos into printed form for my clients today.  The portraits that captured my friends and my youth continue to inspire me to freeze time and immortalise moments now to be enjoyed and looked back upon in the future.  As a busy mum of 3 gorgeous girls and wife to my amazing husband, I, too, am guilty of not printing out our family photos.  I love that I can provide my clients with an archival quality printed product that will last for generations - and will be viewable long after USB sticks become obsolete.   I even own  CDs of old photos that I can't view now because I have no CD viewer in my computer!  High quality print is the best way to ensure that your gorgeous photographs are going to last and be viewed for generations to come.  Nothing gives me greater satisfaction than knowing my clients have their family photographs hanging on display in their home.  

Maternity, Newborn & Family Studio Photographer in Hobart, Tasmania

I'm Lauren :)

am so excited you're here. Welcome!  You are absolutely in the right place.  I'm a mum of three with a special love and knack for working with newborn babies and toddlers!  I know only too well that bittersweet 


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A snapshot into my life

Meet My People


Me & Phil



Me with my biggest supporter

My tiniest treasure

My main muse & photography assistant

Reluctant model | Enthusiastic creative

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My family are my everything!! I moved back home to Hobart, Tasmania in 2019 to be close to my extended family (just about all my extended family live in Hobart and surrounds).  I love that my children are growing up near to and developing firm friendships with their cousins and second cousins.  And I especially appreciate the family village of grandparents, aunts and uncles that comes from having family nearby.  Fun fact - when we bought our Mount Rumney home in 2021 (complete with the perfect home studio space!), we actually moved right next door to my aunt and uncle - how Tasmanian is that!? 

Our Family Christmas Photo this year!


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I love newborns!  I love everything about the snuggly. snuffly, sleepy first few weeks.  I love the newborn phase so much, I had 3 of my own! It's such a beautiful, sleepless, short lived phase and capturing these first few precious weeks for the families of Hobart is my dream come true!   My Mount Rumney Photography Studio is just out of Hobart - which means you don't have to travel far to bring me your babies for newborn portraits!  If you can bring the baby, I'll make the coffee, take some beautiful photos and I promise to given them back after we're done!  (I do love newborns, but I'm past that sleepless phase now, so you can take them home again at the end ;-)  

Me and my Tiniest treasure, Vivienne

Tiny Little Babies

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I love a good coffee!  And sometimes a good coffee can actually be an awful cup of instant coffee, poured out of a thermos and shared with a friend while out in nature or at the beach.  My husband, Phil, makes an excellent latte and has spend as much time perfecting his milk frothing technique as I have adjusting my camera's WB settings!  Luckily, I am a pretty good second to our household barista-in-chief, so when you come over to my studio, I promise to make you your favourite caffeinated beverage.  A cosy cuppa in the studio is definitely one of my favourite things and I'd love to make one for you too!  

Come on an join me for a cuppa!


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The thing I love most about my home (apart from my photography studio!) is the garden space that we have.  I love growing my own beautiful flowers, planning sections of garden in advance and then enjoying the bursts of colour in the spring!  We planted daffodils in the autumn this year.  I had a vision of capturing some beautiful photographs with the sunset behind them, so we planted them strategically and voila - beautiful sunset daffodil pictures in the spring! 

Genevieve and the daffodils we planted stategically

Flowers in the springtime

My Favorite Things

Lauren creates magic. She has captured the most special moments of my family’s life. I would never hesitate to recommend her to anyone who wants a true professional to create a memorable photography experience. She has a magical way of finding the perfect angle, lighting and of course expressions. Don’t pass up the chance to working with her.

Maternity & Newborn sessions


I recently had a Maternity shoot with Lauren and loved it! 
Lauren was so professional and very quickly put me at ease.  The photos are great and my friends and family have commented on how stunning they are. 
Definitely recommend.
Thank you Lauren for capturing this special time. 

Maternity session


My words are not enough, but Lauren’s work is great and she is very professional , talented, creative and very friendly too. I been there for newborn and one year cake smash photography and there is no regrets. Thank u Lauren for creating beautiful memories for us. I highly recommend her if you are in hobart or near by please go to her for affordable price and quality work. I will be going again for next time as well. ❤️

Newborn session


Lauren has a great setup and takes the time needed to get the shots you want and love! 

We have been absolutely thrilled with Lauren's photos of our Eenee products. Amazing quality, fun and particularly great for all aspects of our online business.

Big Baby Session

Ben & Eenee Nappies

I recently took my baby for a Sitter Session at and we really loved it! 
Lauren was so professional and was an expert at making sure my baby was happy. She provided the perfect outfit for the photo session and my baby had a great time in the studio macramé swing!  The photography studio is perfectly equipped for baby sessions.  The photos turned out brilliantly and I am looking forward to coming back for her 1st birthday photoshoot! 
Definitely recommend.
Thank you Lauren for capturing this special milestone. 

Sitter session


Oh my gosh Lauren, the images are beautiful.  You have captured the girls perfectly.  Thank you so much!  

Newborn session



You Deserve the best

Your family memories are priceless! Don't let them languish as a jpeg!  I work with the highest quality professional print labs, both locally here in Hobart and also on mainland Australia to ensure your treasured memories are preserved in print.   I also have access to an expert Hobart Artwork Installer , for hassle-free wall art hanging! 

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