Cake Smash Photoshoots

Baby Smiling with a Cake at a Cake smash photoshoot by Lauren Vanier Photography

Cake Smash Photoshoots by Lauren Vanier Photography

Baby Smiling with a Cake at a Cake smash photoshoot by Lauren Vanier Photography
Happy Baby with his Cake

Studio Cake Smash Photography for Birthday Celebrations in Hobart, Tasmania

If you’re the parent of a baby, you will know only too well how quickly the early days and weeks pass in a blur. All of a sudden, your tiny newborn is rolling over and sitting up and much as you want time to slow down so you can savour all these milestones before they slip through your fingers, sadly you can’t.

Time is a thief and all too quickly, your baby is growing up before your eyes.

That’s where your local baby photographer comes in handy! But how do you choose the best photographer to capture your baby milestones? Are you looking to capture the perfect Cake Smash Photoshoot? It can be hard to look at google and figure out which photographer is the right one for you. Every Hobart based baby photographer seem to offer different price points and styles of celebratory milk bath or cake smash photoshoot sessions. How can you tell which baby photographer is the right fit for your family?

Award Winning Hobart Baby Photographer

I am proud to announce that I have been awarded a place in the prestigious Baby Info Top 10 Cake Smash Photographers in Hobart! And I would be delighted to photograph this important milestone for your baby!

Here is what Cake Smash Photoshoots with Lauren Vanier Photography are like:

Hobart Cake Smash Photography Sessions | Smash and Splash Sessions | First birthday photoshoots with Lauren Vanier

My Mount Rumney Studio is a short drive (less than 15 minutes) out of Hobart CBD on the Eastern shore. A Lauren Vanier Milestone photo session is allocated up to 1 hour of time although we might not need this duration of time to achieve a full gallery of 25-30 images of your baby and family. Sessions are customisable and during my studio based big baby photo sessions, I focus on 3 set ups:

  • Baby on a simple white background
  • Baby with 2 Key props (such as a swing, a smash cake and/or a mini clawfoot bathtub)
  • Family Photos with Mum & Dad

Let’s chat about each one of these categories!

Cake Smash Photoshoot I – Baby on a simple white background

Baby crawling on a white background as part of a cakesmash photoshoot by lauren vanier photography

There is nothing more classic and timeless than a beautiful, clean image on a white background. The focus of the image will be on your sweet baby, their features and expressions – with no distractions other than a simple blanket to sit on and a toy to engage them. I am able to provide simple white or cream outfits for all sizes for sitter sessions from 6month size up to 2 year sized, or you are welcome to provide your own if your prefer. My client wardrobe is available for your convenience as often photoshoot outfits are often only suitable/worn for one occasion. I provide a selection of simple, neutral outfits that I know will photograph beautifully.

For a closer look at some of my featured galleries, see:

Cake Smash Photoshoot II – Baby with 2 key props

I have several key props that I love to use for my sitter baby photo sessions. For each session, I include 2 key prop set ups, so parents have a choice of which style of prop and session they prefer.

I have an indoor, boho style, macrame basket swing which is suitable for babies who are able to sit confidently and older. It is a beautiful, handcrafted product from Tasmanian local homewares company Ivory and Deene. Babies absolutely love to go for a little swing and it is a delight to capture their joyous expressions. It’s also a great way to get some smiles out of some of the more shy or hesitant babies.

I also have a special miniature clawfoot tub for milk bath sessions or baby splash sessions. Some babies truly love bath time more than anything else. If that’s your baby, then this might just be the session for you! The clawfoot bath tub is an adorable set up and milk baths can be accessorised with flowers if desired.

Babies and toddlers LOVE to sit in my miniature vintage armchair! It makes them look and feel like royalty! Plus they are guaranteed to sit nicely for the few short seconds it takes to get a great picture!

Cake Smash! Are you looking for a first birthday photography session that is timeless, minimalist and beautifully understated? Unlike most Pinterest-worthy themed cake smash sessions, I prefer a much more clean aesthetic, with more focus on the birthday babe and less focus on bright colours, single use décor and fast fashion! Fun as all the latest photoshoot fashions can be, I know in my heart that these images will be treasured for generations and classically styled images won’t feel dated in time to come.

Macrame Swing | Milk Bath or Splash Session | Cake Smash | Vintage Armchair | Wooden Cake

Simple, locally made cakes can be provided upon request.

Locally Made Smash Cake
Locally Made Premium Cakes are available upon request

Cake Smash Photoshoot III – Family Photos with Mum and Dad!

These images are a joy to capture and deliver! The beautiful growing baby family! I will always capture a set of mum with baby, dad with baby, then mum, dad and baby together. If there are older siblings, I will capture siblings with baby as well as the whole family. I do try to get 1-2 frames with everyone looking and smiling as I know these shots are the perfect “mantelpiece” image for framing in your home.

I like to take my family images either standing on a neutral coloured backdrop or alternatively sitting on my white sofa or posed in my lifestyle area on a white bed.


Portrait sessions take place at my Mount Rumney Studio, around 10 minutes out of Hobart CBD

Portrait sessions are up to one hour in duration, this time allows for outfit changes if desired and a few set ups for variety. Quite often we can be finished quicker, depending on the baby’s mood on the day!

Do you have props and outfits? 
YES! I have a range of outfits for toddlers in both genders up to size 18m. I also have a variety of exclusive gowns for mums and older sisters!

What do I need to bring? 
I recommend arriving camera ready to maximise your session.  Bring a hairbrush and any makeup you may like to use for touch ups.  
If you will be utilising my client wardrobe, I recommending bringing a few spare nappies (as plain as possible) and neutral undergarments for mums wishing to wear gowns.

What if my baby won’t cooperate? 
Well, it is possible.  But I am yet to have a session where I couldn’t get a toddler to laugh and smile at one of my terrible jokes or songs!   So don’t worry about this aspect of your session.  I am very accustomed to photographing families and young children and we will make it work!  

How do I book?
Fill in my contact form below and I will get you on my calendar! 

WHAT DO YOU THINK? Is timeless and classic milestone photography the style for you and your family?

If so, I’d love to hear from you:

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