Best Maternity Photoshoot Gowns and Dresses in Australia

My top recommendations for Maternity Photoshoot Gowns and what is available in my Client Closet!

Best Maternity Photoshoot Gowns and Dresses in Australia

Where to find the Best Maternity Dresses and Outfits for your Hobart Maternity Photoshoot and what is available in my client closet!

Hey there! Are you looking for the best maternity gowns and outfits that money can buy? Are you looking for maternity photoshoot dresses in Hobart, Tasmania? Well look no further! I’m Lauren, your expert Hobart Maternity Photographer.  And I can tell you where to get the best outfits for your photoshoot, to make you look and feel a million bucks! 

At my studio, I offer a client closet. This allows my clients access to the most beautiful gowns and outfits for their maternity and motherhood photography sessions. Providing a studio photography wardrobe for clients means that I can curate galleries with a cohesive aesthetic. It also means that my clients don’t need to purchase their own gowns just for the photoshoot. It is one less hassle and cost for my maternity and motherhood photography clients.  And it’s definitely more sustainable than a one-wear, fast-fashion gown.  Plus, all mums-to-be want cute maternity clothes to wear to their maternity photoshoot. Of course you want to look and feel beautiful while celebrate this special time.  However, if you’re looking to purchase your own gowns, here are the best of the best, from one of Tasmania’s top maternity photography experts! 

My Client Wardrobe

I like to invest in styles that are suitable for maternity as well as flattering for post-partum mums. This means that at their newborn photography sessions or mummy and me photo shoots, mums can feel beautiful! I also invest in luxury gowns and one off pieces that are not generally accessible for my handpicked client closet. Here in Australia, we have a small number of local designers, so I often purchase gowns from Europe or America. I invest in a range of sizes and neutral colours. Fabrics with stretch and layers to ensure that fit a range of sizes and body types are the best choice.

In my Hobart based studio, I love to photograph a range of styles of maternity fashion. Gowns available can be found here:

I also photograph a range of bodysuits, silks and, if you wish, nothing at all! 

Have you ever wondered where to find maternity dresses that photographers use? Are you concerned about scam vendors on by websites like Ali Express? Do you want to know where to find the best maternity photo shoot dresses in Hobart? Read on!

  • Before and Ever by Jade Gao

Jade Gao’s Before and Ever Couture gown are the pinnacle of exclusive in photography wardrobe couture. These fabulous, little-known, gowns are only available for sale during super-limited-edition store openings. They sell out in minutes. When the Before and Ever couture store had a recent brief opening, I set my alarm for 5:30am. I was up and ready to pounce when the store opened at 6am (and closed about an hour later!) I am so excited that I managed to order 2 gorgeous maternity gowns which will also work for motherhood portraiture. Also, I managed to order 2 gowns for girls – so I have some gorgeous options for older siblings. These additions to my client wardrobe have me beyond excited! These are the special occasion maternity dresses of your dreams – and I highly recommend indulging in professional hair and make-up prior to a session with these gowns.  My preferred hair and make-up artist is Bianca from Bliss.Hair.Beauty.BG

  • Bloom Maternity Gowns for Photoshoots

Bloom Maternity Gowns stocks maternity gowns and bodysuits that are handmade in Australia by designer and fashion graduate Alison. I love her gorgeous and flattering designs and her customer service is excellent. If you are looking to support a local, homegrown businesses when purchasing a maternity photoshoot outfit, look no farther than Bloom.


  • Lulu’s

Lulu’s is a US brand that has free worldwide shipping for orders over $150. This is a big bonus for us here down under! They aren’t specifically a maternity brand but a carefully selected dress styles can accommodate your baby bump. Or alternatively, be also be a flattering and comfortable option for post-partum wear. I especially love their white and cream-coloured gowns which photograph beautifully and create lovely crisp and clean high key images. These stunning gowns are high quality are also super budget friendly with many of their dresses falling below $100USD.

Sweeten the occasion maxi dress by Lulus.  The ideal maternity or motherhood photography session dress.
Product image from:

Sweeten The Occasion Maxi Dress – Lulus

Pictured Above: Sweeten The Occasion Maxi Dress (a good maternity-friendly option, Available in my client wardrobe in sizes S and L)


  • Eden Elizabeth Maternity Gowns

Another Australian company, Eden Elizabeth is known for high quality maternity dresses. Based in NSW, Eden Elizabeth provides a beautiful range of styles and colours. Some of the gorgeous lace maxi dresses comfortably fit up to size 24. My client wardrobe contains 2 of their beautiful styles: Their white lace maxi maternity gown, the Mae. A flowing full length lace gown. And their “Rose” gown is a white lace, off-the-shoulder maternity maxi dress. Both are perfect for maternity sessions and post-partum mums at their newborn sessions also.

Elizabeth Eden Gown “Mae” available in my client wardrobe up to size 24

  • Mii-Estilo

This is a Netherlands based who specialise in couture maternity gowns, wraps and bodysuits for photoshoots.

Bodysuits are an amazing way to really celebrate your pregnancy and show off your baby bump!

  • They have a great array of styles and colours. Designed to suit all mums-to-be, they are the perfect choice. I’m hankering over their beautiful Pampas Dress in Old Pink. Pictured on their website with a gorgeous maternity portrait, shot by the world renowned maternity photographer, Natasha Ince. And also the absolutely gorgeous Brooklyn Dress in grey.

    Beautiful stock image of maternity photoshoot gown.  Recommended by Lauren Vanier Photography for a premium photoshoot experience
    Pampas Dress, Product image from:

    Best of all, Mii-Estilo stock adorable mini-me dresses for little girls! I can imagine the most perfect mummy and me photoshoot or older sister with newborn photoshoot.  I think that their gorgeous Alfazema Dress in light blue is my favourite of their mother-daughter photoshoot range.  Mii-Esillo also stocks a range of silks and chiffons for semi-nude portraiture and train-toss images.  I have several in white and pale blue hues.


  • Katharina Hakaj Couture

No top 10 list of Maternity Photoshoot Gowns would be complete without Katharina Hakaj! These gowns are (alongside Australian Maternity Photoshoot Gown designer Jade Gao) are the cream of the crop!

A European based designer, KH couture is famous for glamorous, floaty tulle gowns. KH couture is the absolute premium of maternity high fashion.

The famous Coco gown in ivory is at the very top of my wishlist. These beauties cost well over AUD$1000, so I’ll be saving my pennies for a little while at least!

Stock image of a floaty chiffon maternity photoshoot gown
Product image from:


  • Chicaboo Maternity Photography Gowns

Chicaboo is a couture maternity photography brand based in the USA. They specialise in dresses for maternity photography from figure-hugging mermaid style dresses to poufy tulle numbers. Their dresses are designed as extrastretchy sheaths with multiple mix-and-match options for tops and sleeves. They come as a one-size-fits-most sizing which allows for clients of all shapes and sizes to fit in their gowns. I’ve fitted mums-to-be from size 8-size 18 easily in my Chicaboo gowns. They offer special discount for photographers. Shipping to Australia is very expensive, and I think, only worthwhile if you are purchasing multiple gowns.

Chicaboo Website:


  • Spell (Spell and the Gypsy)

Another stellar, small Australian brand, offering beautiful floaty boho style gowns and maxi dresses. Another brand that is not maternity specific, Spell has many designs that will accommodate a baby bump. Or be flattering and perfect for post-partum mums. Ethically made, sustainable fashion from Australian Designers, Spell gowns and duster jackets photograph beautifully. They and have a laid back, natural aesthetic and use excellent quality materials. Their dresses are in high demand and sell out quickly, especially in the warmer months. Luckily new designs seem to come out quite quickly, so keep an eye on their website for updates. Or you may be lucky and be able to pick up a rare second-hand piece on eBay or Facebook marketplace.




  • Coven & Co

Another shout for an Australia-based company – Coven & Co. I discovered this company only recently. At once I wanted to order their Pirate Queen gown for myself my client wardrobe. This gown is a top pick of mums-to-be and photographers all the world over. It has a beachy boho vibe and feels like summer – even when it’s June! It also comes in at a purse-friendly price point compared to alike dresses from other companies.

They stock lots fabulous floaty maxi dress styles that are baby-bump photography perfect! Price range from: AUS 199 – 299.

Pregnant mama-to-be wearing a bohemian style gown for a pregnancy photoshoot.
Pirate Queen Gown Product image from:


Alternative places to find perfect maternity gowns are Facebook Marketplace, eBay and online retailers such as Asos, Boohoo and Pretty Little Thing.

So here’s my list of Australia’s Best Maternity Photoshoot Gowns and Dresses! Happy Shopping – or if you don’t want to buy your own gowns for your photoshoot – contact me to book your session and use my client wardrobe



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